Posted by: honeydo | July 25, 2008


With any luck tomorrow is the day I order my chemicals for processing at home with Cyanotype and Gum.  For the forseeable future I cannot go to the darkroom as I am unable to stand for any length of time, but I miss photo! Digi is not working for me creatively.  It’s nice.  That’s it though, it’s just not my medium.  So I am ordering the chemicals and my lovely woodworker of a husband is building me my UV box and my contact frames (if you are in need of contact frames let me know, he is a MASTER).  I am going to concentrate on some of the fabric things I want to do and I’m torn on a few others.  I am stoked though!  Woo Hoo! I can still do my photo, I love my alternative processes and my body will handle it better.  It’s going to be awesome!



  1. so it has been a while, how did it all turn out?

    im in an alt process class in alfred ny, we started with cyanotype and we have all had ups and mostly downs.

    what is the craziest material you have applied this process to?

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