Posted by: honeydo | July 25, 2008

New Project Abound

I have been inspired to start at new project.  My current one is large and complicated and involves much time.  I am still very excited about it, but have some physical limitations to overcome in order to complete it.  That’s fine, I will get there and I’m good with that.

But this new thing.  Wow, it hit me out of nowhere.  I have a friend who is going through something very trying and her experience is one that many of us fear and many of us could experience.  So it hit me like a raging river flooded by the waters rising from a powerful hurricane.  Visions, feelings, different experiences…I can see each print, how the people are, the eyes, the pose, the intensity.  Disturbing yet invigorating scenes to bring about awareness and a new consciousness that so many never achieve because of the desire to remain blinded and therefore unprotected from this thing that could affect many of us.

So now my dilemma is to find models.  Adults, women, willing to do what I need. (no, nothing dirty).  I’ve not done this before.  I’ve done nature, children, technology, but not this.  The visions are so great, powerful and moving, so much that I feel driven to do this.  Driven to get a message out and honor her and so many others in her situation.  Bring about understanding, compassion and awareness in a compelling way.

I have to do this and I don’t know why I feel it so strongly, but I do.  Now to set up the place, the stages, if you will, and find my actresses and then the vision will come to life.


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